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KPSC-Assistant professor Examination


KPSC-Assistant professor Examination

Over the last decade , CEET students scored high marks and secured top ranks in various competitive exams in the field of Ayurveda. Best ranks in AIAPGET Entrance  examinations, KPSC examinations , UPSC examinations, NIHANS examinations are always a CEET guarantee

More than 20 of our students got placement at many prestigious institutions as Assistant Professors through KPSC and UPSC examinations.




Dr.Dhanya N S  scored 1st Rank in Asst Prof KPSC for Kriyasareera 







Dr.Soniya  scored 1st Rank in Asst Prof KPSC for Swasthavritta



Dr. Lincy secured 1st rank in shalakya tantra 

Dr.Divyamol MD   scored 1st Rank in Asst Prof KPSC for Prasuti Streeroga (Cat)




CEET students secured top ranks in KPSC Assistant professor examinations published in 2023 









Rasa sastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana 1st Ranker Dr.Krishna Veni got alloted to VPSV AYurveda Medical College - Kottakkal







Dr. Rajani P secured 1st rank in Prasuti and streeroga Assistant professor examination. 








Dr Archana VK - 1st Rank in Shalakya tantra






























In Kriyashareera KPSC- 1st 4 Ranks grabbed  by  CEETians. 























Dr Arathi G 2nd Rank in Kaumara bhrithya










Dr Niranjana 2nd Rank in Agada Tantra


















CEETian Dr Nimmi K was newly appointed as UPSC MO